Atlantia Kingdom Arts & Science Festival

The Canton of Sudentorre is proud to host the next Kingdom of Atlantia Arts and Sciences Festival. We invite all artisans to display their works, and all non-artisans to come and see the exhibits.

Here is a list of Activities and competitions that are currently scheduled. If you would like to sponsor an activity or a prize, please contact Co-Autocrat: Baroness Sunniva Kyrre (Sue Daywalt) This will be updated as new activities and competitions become known.

Arts & Sciences Activities:

Pentathlon in Persona/Youth Triathlon in Persona: The "Pentathlon In Persona" and "Youth Triathlon In Persona" competitions will be held once again this year! Rules are available: For more information, contact Mistress Anne of Carthew,

Laurel's Pentathlon in Persona: The rules are the same as for the pentathlon, but with the following additional requirements: one art form that you have started studying in the past year; one art form that you have started studying in the past three years; and one new technique in a field for which you have already received recognition (technique new for you, not necessarily the field). Contact Baronessa Maddalena Salutati, for more information.

Performing Arts: In a new twist for the performing arts at the Festival, we'll be holding a competition in the manner suggested in Countess ?lfl?d of Duckford's "Bright Ideas" article: http://www.sandradodd,com/ideas/artsci2.html article. All manner of performing arts and bardic arts are welcome. For more information, contact Lady Anne la Settere,

The Royal Baker will be selected at the Festival. Lady Bryn y Pobydd (Bryn Smith) is sponsoring the Royal Baker competition. If you have any questions, you may contact her at

The Royal Brewer will be selected at the Festival. The point of contact for the Royal Brewer Competition, Baroness Daria of Atlantia, See website for details

The Guildhall: There will be a special exhibit area for the kingdom's guilds to showcase their work -- and an excellent opportunity for potential members to see what the guilds do!

Website: --check here for rules and regulations of the competitions, updates and more details

Site: Marshall Building Center, 8800 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553. No pets allowed. The site opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm.

Lunch will be available on site for $5 as a fund raiser for the Oak. All dietary concerns should be address directly to THLady Grace Whiting at For your convenience, you will be able to pay for your lunch in advance. There is no Feast planned.

Autocrats: Lady Cairistiona de Coveran (Laurie Clarkston) and Baroness Sunniva Kyrre (Sue Daywalt)