Special Events to Enhance Estrella XXII

Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier, Estrella War XXII Internal Publicity Deputy, has annouced that several special events will occur at this year's War.

Baron Friedrich writes:


Estrella War XXII Grand Ball
What: Grand Ball
When: Friday, February 17, 2006 - 7:00 PM
Where: Grand Court Pavilion
Your host: Maitre Wilhelus le Casse
Contact information: quasimortal@cox.net

This is the Grand Ball for Estrella War XXII and is combined with the celebration of our glorious societies 40th birthday event.


Known World Rapier Party

What: Social gathering/party
When: Saturday, February 18, 2006 - 7:00 PM
Where: The new Grand Court Pavilion on the west side of the central battlefield, otherwise the old Grand Court ramada.
Your host: Maitre Wilhelus le Casse
Contact information: quasimortal@cox.net

This is a social gathering hosted by the rapier fighters of the Known World. All are welcome. There will be a number of games (traditional table top games, games of skill and chance, and games of physical challenge) sponsored by various rapier fighters from around the Known World.

This is a Known World wide social party; drinking will be allowed and there will be a number of alcoholic substances present. All event rules regarding such will be strictly enforced.


Grand Ball Music Practice

What: A&S Presentation Practice
When: Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 7:00 PM
Where: Either the old grand court ramada or the new grand court pavilion.
Your host: Maitre Wilhelus le Casse
Contact information:
Wesley Corder quasimortal@cox.net

This is to be a dress rehearsal for the musicians who will be playing for the Grand Ball the next night. Dancers are welcome, but this is primarily meant for the musicians to get their act together before the Ball.


Knowne Worlde Pas d'Armes

What: Fighting/Spectator
When: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 - 12:00 Noon list and inspection - 1:00 PM introductions and challenges - 1:30 PM Grand Melee - 4:30 PM breakdown and cleanup
Where: Main Battlefield in front of Atenveldt Baronial Pavilion (north side)
Your host: Lord Seelos Massman, CBF
Contact information:
Thomas Batt basteward@cox.net

Knowne Worlde Pas d'Armes at Estrella War XXII
Pas d'Armes is defined thusly: A special type of tourney where a single challenger or a team takes on the other fighters for a fixed combat set, with much pageantry, elaborate challenges, and heraldic display.

This Pas d'Armes shall be held in the customary manner, as per the society rules for armored combat. It shall be contested solely for honor and renown, rather than the base spirit of victory or prize. The defenders will stand to defend the lists, to cross weapons and to pass a pleasant afternoon in a' plaisance combat at the barrier, with single weapon, and with counted blows. All those who would fight in this Pas d'Armes, be they knight, squire, or man-at-arms, should be on the field on the prescribed hour on Wednesday, to the lists and inspection, bearing their Heraldry and Knightly Weapons as appropriate.

Shortly after the hour of 1:00 PM the defenders will make their introductions to the gallery and would invite their challengers to offer their own introductions, so they may be better known to all.

Following the introductions there shall be a Grand Mêlée, in which all contestants are invited to take the field, armed with but one weapon and no shield, to be fought for the entertainment of the gallery and for the Joi De Combat of the combatants. This combat will use counted blows, there each combatant may be struck with 3 good blows upon their Honor before they retire from the field. Chivalry and honor must reign supreme. Depending on time available, this portion of the Grande Mêlée may be refought at the pleasure of the gallery.

After a timely pause, the defenders will form a line on the Kings' side of the lists, hold themselves ready to receive their challenges and report shortly for combat. The challengers will form a line on the Queens' side of the lists, offering persuasive words of challenge while the combatants arm and take the field.

The bouts shall be fought over the Barrier, combatants chosen at random by the List Minister. The Heralds shall announce the combats. The weapon form for each bout shall be chosen by a Lady of the gallery, choosing a style from the Pas tree. Single weapon, poleaxe, mixed double weapon, and spear shall be the styles. The outcome of each bout shall be determined by counted blows, numbering 3. When accepting a blow, the combatant must step back, salute his opponent and then resume combat with little break in the action.

After all combats are resolved, The ladies of the gallery will then choose five of the challengers whose virtue stands out, requesting of them single combats in any style that is pleasing to the gallery. These gentles may in turn take this commandment to any member of the defenders, sharing their honor with them. These five fights will take place one after the other, for the pleasure of the gallery and the combatants. If there is time, other single challenges may be accepted by the defenders.

The Pas d'Armes will close with a Grand Mêlée over the barrier, fought with Spears and Polaxes. A single kill will be sufficient to eliminate a combatant, but they might petition the gallery to allow them to rejoin their companions. The gallery may decide to tell them to re-enter the mêlée on the opposite side. The combat will end when there are no companions left on either side, or when the combatants determine that the fight should be ended.


Roses and Champions

What: Rapier Tournament of Champions
When: Sunday, February 19, 2006 - 12:00 Noon
Where: Tourney Field
Your host: Maitre Wilhelus le Casse Contact information: quasimortal@cox.net

This is a rapier tourney (heavy rapier only) open to all current and past rapier champions from through out the Known World: be they Shire or March, Baronial, Principality, or Kingdom. Household, war band, etc. champions are not allowed.

The tourney is a 5 weapons style, non-elimination tourney. Each entrant must fight 5 rounds with a different style each round. Each fighter will be given 5 roses. The defeated must present one of their roses to the person named by the victor.


Outlands Party

What: Social Gathering
When: Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 9:00 PM
Where: Outlands Royal Pavilion
Your hostess: Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod
Contact information:
Linda Krecker lkrecker@comcast.net

This is the annual Outlands party includes drumming dancing food and drink.


Greetings to all Artisans!

Now as the summer heat begins to dwindle it is once again time to plan the Estrella War A&S Collegium! Come and share your knowledge and skills as we gather from across the Known World once more. Please donate an hour or four to teach others how to paint, dance and explore the arts in its entirety! We have four days and two locations to fill with plenty of room for all types of activities. Please don't be afraid to offer your class more than once so the majority of people have an opportunity to learn. As the War continues to grow so does the format of the Collegium, so please check the website regularly for updates and changes. Sign up is available in a PDF document, a Word version will be up shortly.


Thank You for your time and attention and we look forward to seeing you at War!!!

Lady Turrel & Lord Raven Mayne


Dirt Auction

What: Fund raising event for the Children's and Chirurgeon areas of the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Monies to be split 50/50 to benefit these areas.
When: Saturday, February 18, 2006 - 6:30 PM
Where: Grand Court Pavilion
Your hostess: Mistress Helen Jennet of Foxhall
Contact Information: helenjennet@netzero.net

Sale by auction of dirt from various medieval and SCA sites. Been made a court baron! Got no land of your own, no fiefdom. Well, now is the chance to become landed. Own it by the box or bucket. Want to be known as a freeman of wealth!! Buy your own land from far away kingdoms and increase your holdings. Want that allure needed to entice your local noble into that marriage contract!! Well say no more, there's nothing like the smell of more land to loosen those purse strings. Come one, come all to the annual dirt (land) auction!!


The 11th Annual Ladies Treasure Chest Schlager Tournament

What: Ladies Schlager Tournament
When: Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 9:30 AM List Opens
10:00 AM Tournament begins
12:30 PM Tournament ends
Where: Tournament Field

Your hostesses: Miastreas Deborah Inis Glas
Mistress Helen Jenet of Foxhall
Contact information:
Deborah Taylor primusdraconus@cox.net

This is a continuing tradition of beauty, grace and style demonstrated by the Lady Rapier Fighters from around the known world. For the last decade, the Lady Rapier fighters have shown their personal style by wearing their finest fighting attire, some even in Elizabethan dress. Tournament participants are asked to bring a small token to add to the Treasure Chest as an entry fee. A light lunch will be provided during the tournament for all participants.


Yours In Service,
Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier
Baron du Court
EW XXII Internal Publicity