Warbands XII

The Shire of Harpelstane is pleased to announce that Warbands will again take place at Edzell Castle. So please make a place in your diaries for Insulae Draconis' Greatest Event.

The event will include:

For the Fighters:
The Great Warbands scenario: Groups of 4 or 5 fighters In a war band fighting to capture treasure - Points for Warbands in matching tabards as well as gold.

The Great Claim to Rockall:
A fight for the Ownership of Rockall (It = actually belongs to the Crown and is kept by Harpelstane for their Majesties' pleasure - it is an Inverness post code after all!)

The Great Harpelstane Dragon:
How many of you can say you fought a dragon and won

The Great Battle of Love:
What greater prize is there to fight for!

With Great fencing and more if we can fit it in. As well as the midnight Pas d'Arms : What the Great SCA is all about.

For all
Great Games and Pastimes: For those of us who are not inclined to strap on tons of sweaty armour, or even those who are if they take some of it off, there will be a selection of medieval games and pastimes organized throughout the day.

The Great Feast:
We will be holding a feast on Saturday evening. Due to the hall's restrictions this is limited to 100 people plus servitors. Please highlight any special dietary requirements you may have with your booking and I will pass them on to our head cook who will be glad to assist.

The Great entertainment:
As usual each shire will be expected to supply entertainment during the feast so be prepared.