A Feast for Charlemagne

Hail and welcome to all! A celebration in honor of Charles Augustus, Holy Emperor of Rome, is to be held by the Barony of Lochmere. Cast off Winter's cold shroud and come revel in the warmth of our company and hall!

Arts and Sciences:
Artisans, craftspeople, scientists and teachers, pray attend. Charlemagne was not only a great King, but was also an avid supporter of the arts, sciences and education of all kinds. To celebrate this, the Barony of Lochmere bids one and all to come and display, teach and learn. Bring your crafts, your arts, your projects, papers and discourses to share with us all.

We have asked a panel of experienced personages, adept at diverse arts and sciences, to make themselves available for consultation. This is an opportunity for you to gain insights or guidance on what you're doing, whether it is your skills, your research or a class you may wish to teach. Please feel free to discuss your work with our roving panel of experts. The subject matter is not confined only to the period of Charlemagne, 742-814, but in order to accommodate as many participants as possible, displays may come from any time period or culture that falls within the time period of the Society (pre-1600).

Separate from this will also be a competition for the next Arts and Sciences Champion for their Excellencies Lochmere. The subject matter for this is... anything (see above)! Your work will be judged on your skills, knowledge, depth and quality of research, and quality of the end product. Competitors should be able to demonstrate the educational aspects of their work as well. The judges will be their Excellencies, Vladimir and Mebdh.

Competitors may enter anything they are also showing in the Arts and Sciences display, but those who wish to exhibt in the display only are not obligated to compete.

For further inquiries please contact Master Corun (corun@medievalist.org) or Lady Christiana (ccs_meow@yahoo.com).

Children's Activities:
Children between the ages of 4 and 14 are invited to illuminate and/or letter a scroll just for them! Carolingian styled scrolls will be made available for completion and presentation later in the day during court. As a reminder, all children under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian on site.

A glorious repast will be served throughout the day, in several removes.

Those with allergies or concerns may contact Lady Hrosvitha von Celle (Kerri Martinsen) at kerrimart@mindspring.com

Adult Member: $12.00
Non-Member: $15.00
Child (6-17): $8.00
(0-5): Free

As feast is inseparable from the day's activities, its cost has been combined with the "day trip" fee. If there are any questions please contact the Autocrat: Lady Christiana Irina Chaykinaia (CC Suggs) ccs_meow@yahoo.com

Trinity Episcopal Church,
7474 Washington Blvd.
Elkridge, MD 21075

There is beer and wine permitted on site but no hard alcohol. Candles in containers are also permitted. Smoking is in designated area only please. The site is handicap accessable. Service animals only please.

From I-95 you want to take exit 43 for route 100 East, once on 100E take exit 6A for Rt 1 South. Drive aproximitely 1 mile, the Church is on the Right.

From MD-295 you want to take 100 West, once on 100W take exit 6 for Route 1. Stay to the left of the exit, at the stop light turn Left. Once on Rt 1 South, drive aproximately 1 mile, the Church is on the Right.