Third Quarterly Garb Workshop

I have the pleasure of announcing the third quarterly garb workshop, to be held by Stella Seraphima in the shire of Isengau, on February 3-5th! Now is the time to pull out all the garb you've been 'meaning to get to', get help on various aspects of garb making, or just to sit around and stitch in good company!

If you have costuming books, please bring them, and help create a temporary library for everyone to use for the weekend. Food will be provided. While the workshop is free, donations are strongly encouraged to help cover the costs of food and drinks.

People can arrive on Friday evening, but not before 19.00. We can also have a museum trip to the Bayerische Nationalmuseum on Sunday, which has a wonderful collection of medieval textiles from 1100 to 1600 with embroidery, tapestries, fabric fragments, late period whole costumes, etc. While this is not an event, reservations would be greatly appreciated, so that the amount of food and space can be calculated accurately!

Contact and site info:
Stella Seraphima