Volunteers Needed for Gulf Wars XV Artisans' Row

Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobar, Textile Arts Coordinator for Artisan's Row at Gulf Wars XV, is seeking volunteers to teach and demonstrate at the event.

Mistress Derbail writes:

Greetings to all,

I am assisting with the coordination of Textile Arts: Construction at Artisan's Row for Gulf Wars XV and am eagerly looking for volunteers to participate. This year, we're trying a few new things, and participants can choose from the following list how they would like to take part. You can see that the options are wide, ranging from a class to a demonstration and so on. Textiles construction includes anything you make or create with fibers and string, generally including weaving, dyeing, spinning, braiding, naalbinding, knitting, bobbinlace, felting and so on (There is a separate division of textile arts for "finer" handwork like blackwork and embroidery, BUT if you would like to participate in Textiles: Fine Handwork, get me your info, and I'll see that it reaches the right people).

So what do I need from you? Basically, contact me privately, off-list, and complete the following "form" so that I can build a database of participants. Obviously things may change a little between now and March, but getting this together early allows the information to be disseminated and publicized, which is a good thing. We will have a "dedicated" tent for textiles construction as well as some kind of "outdoor" area for dyeing and felting.

  • Your name (SCA and mundane):
  • What type of activity would you like to do: (see list below)
  • What days (Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat):
  • Time for your activity (general operating hours are 10-4 or so, give or take an hour):
  • Any special equipment/space needs:

Types of activities:

  • Class; a scheduled time where hands-on art instruction for a group of 3-4 or more ocurrs (can be any length of time - usually an hour or greater)
  • Demonstration; a scheduled time where the artisan will be doing art and the populace is invited to come watch, ask questions, discuss art, etc.
  • Tutorial; a scheduled time where an artisan will work with 1-2 people to teach a specific art skill (can be for as little as 15 - 20 minutes at a time, we suggest a sign-up sheet). Others are invited to watch, stay and practice, etc.
  • Open (art) Project; a scheduled time where the populace is invited to watch or (preferably) participate hands-on in creating an art project along with an artisan or artisans (this can be a one day or several day project)
  • Open Workshop; A least one "sponsoring" artisan will be in the tent, available to assist any who drop in with their projects, talk about/show art, etc. Artisan(s) will not be tied down to completing a project of their own at this time.
  • Meeting/Social/Gathering; a scheduled time for folks to get together and talk about a particular art or art project- share ideas and projects, etc.

Please feel free to share this information with artisans you know who might be interested, especially those not from Meridies, and do contact me if you have any questions. For those who would like to participate, if you can have your "form" sent to me by December 28, I would be most appreciative!

Gratefully yours,
Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobar/Dee McKinney/Meridies