Windhaven Yule Feast

The Barony of Windhaven Proudly Presents Yule Feast 'Til You Surrender.

Pamperin Park
2477 Shawano Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54303

Windhaven's Yule Feast A&S Competition
The Rules and all that good stuff
Roxelana - who is mostly obsessed with Arts (but enjoys Sciences too) is hosting a Yule Feast A&S competition. The following information has to do with rules and documentation requirements.

  1. All A&S items must be impervious, or made impervious, against food stains. The day is about food so I'd hate to have someone spill something and ruin all your hard work. Frame it, put it in a display case, make it out of metal - whatever you need to do to make it safe from the elements associated with large groups of food-carrying individuals.
  2. All items must be pre-registered. Mostly so I know how many there will be and what kind of space requirements I'll have. Contact Roxelana at A& to preregister.
  3. Documentation is required - and is limited to two pages. Please bring several copies. Standardized documentation has always been a dream of mine so I'm going to try it and it should be a whole lot less scary than the word implies. Format for documentation is basically like a recipe card: What it is - what it is made of, what tools you used, what techniques were involved. What you set out to do, how long you've been dong it, what you learned along the way, what you would do differently if you were to do it over. Where you got the idea for it and your top five references. I can create a form to fill out if you think you'll need one. Pictures are in addition to the documentation limit but if all possible please limit those to two pages too.
  4. Judging form is standardized to allow beginners to do as well as the more advanced entrants - less emphisis on documentation and more on actually doing things and learning stuff. I've created it to be easy enough for everyone to understand with less objective answers. The focus should be on making stuff - not trying to justify it. Notice that you get more points for making it out of period materials and in a period manner so look over the judging sheet when your writing your documentation.
  5. Total points are 30. 24-30 is a first, 17-22 is a second, 7-16 is a third. Each box is worth a point. (No point, half point, full point - no other breakdown allowed.) There will be prizes and everything - it is a true competition!
  6. Everyone attending Yule Feast will be encouraged to fill out judging sheets. Judges will be bribed too! There will be special treats at the feast that you can only get by turning in a judging sheet. No exceptions - one treat per judging sheet and only one judging sheet per entry per judge (i.e. a judge can fill out only one sheet for each entry but judge as many entries as they'd like).
  7. Roxelana is solely responsible for this idea so all feedback and questions should be directed to her at A& Please note that this is not a Kingdom thing. Roxelana made this all up by herself based on what she did and didn't like about the Midrealm system. Roxelana is attempting that whole 'grassroots' thing the Kingdom Minister of A&S was talking about in the Northwatch.

Please participate - it will make her happy!

Anything I forgot -contact me!