What Happened Today in History

Need a site that lists what happened in medieval history for any date? This one is up-to-date. Here's what's happening: Happy Birthday to:

* 1304 Muhammad ibn Battutah, Moroccan Arab traveler, travel writer
* 1463 Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Italian scholar, Platonist
* 1557 Mathias, Holy Roman Emperor (never crowned)
* 1619 Charles Le Brun, Paris, painter, designer


Post 1650:

* 1885 Admiral Chester Nimitz, in charge of Pacific Fleet in WWII.
* 1955 Steven Jobs, Apple co-founder.

Anniversary of the death of:

* 1525 Richard de la Pole, pretender to the Throne of England
* 1588 Johann Weyer, physician and philosopher

Saint Day:

* St. Matthias' Day
* Praetextatus or Prix
* 259 Martyrdom of St. Montanus and Lucius and companions

This Day in History:

* 303 Publication of the first Roman edict for the persecution of Christians
* 1208 St. Francis's vocation is revealed to him (probable date)
* 1303 ROSLIN (English invasion of Scotland halted)
* 1389 Capture of Albert of Mecklenberg, King of Sweden
* 1429 Joan of Arc arrives at Chinon
* 1446 Drawing of the earliest known Lottery, in Bruges, Belgium
* 1450 End of the Ambrosian Republic (2nd Commune) of Florence
* 1509 A Papal Bull is issued against duels
* 1510 Pope Julian II lifts the excommunication against Venice
* 1525 PAVIA (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, defeats Francis I, King of France, and captures him)
* 1527 Schleitheim Confession
* 1530 Reconciliation of Charles V and Pope Clement VII; Last Imperial Coronation of a Holy Roman Emperor
* 1538 Peace of Grosswardein
* 1552 The privleges of the Hanse in England are abolished
* 1577 Murder of Eric XIV, deposed King of Sweden
* 1582 Gregorian calendar reform completed
* 1587 Excommunication of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author of "Don Quixote"
* 1615 Estates General of France locked out of their meeting place
* 1634 Assassination of Wallenstein


Post 1650:

* 1653 New York's first City Hall opens in a tavern
* 1857 Los Angeles Vineyard Society organized.
* 1942 Voice of America begins broadcasting (in German)