Bright Hills Baronial Birthday

The frigid winds of winter have chased even the hardiest of armies from the field. Now as the long cold nights of winter close in, journey to Bright Hills for a day of romance, a feast to delight both the eyes and the palate and evening of dancing, sweetened by a sideboard of deserts, specially created to hand feed to your partner.

The event flyer may be found here:

Arts & Sciences Activities:  
Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg is coordinating A&S displays.  Please contact her at for further information.

Other Activities:
Buy kisses from our Nymphs of Love - all proceeds to go to disaster relief.

The Worshipful Company of St. Matthias will be holding a Silent Auction - 50% of the proceeds will go toward our Baronial Travel Fund

Other Contests:
Silly Chapeau Contest
In the spirit of fun, to reduce the cabin fever doldrums of late Winter, and in honor of the recent spate of unusual head gear such as the "Viking Chicken Hat" and the more recent "Spaghetti Monster Hat" I challenge you to take imagination and creativity in hand and turn a true period hat into an exotic wearable work of art.

Here are the rules.

  • The base hat must be documentable in period.
  • A small amount of documentation should accompany the hat.
  • You should have fun making the hat.
  • Use of period decorations or ingredients is encouraged but if you feel you simply CAN NOT do it justice without the deely-boppers,'s your hat.

The more exotic, fun and unique the better!  Remember Rabah's Turban? This should top it!

This competition will be judged by the populace.  Voting beads will be available at Troll.  There will be a prize for the winner and you get to keep the hat.....unless the Baron desires it.  You are encouraged to get a good price from him for it.

Questions and/or concerns should be sent to: Chagan Khulan, Sponsor, at   Please put "Silly Chapeau Contest" in the subject line.

Courtly Gifts by Young Courtiers
for ages 16 and under -
Contact Ingeborg i Trondheim for particulars
Competition to see who can display the Most Hearts on themselves. We must be able to count the hearts! Contact Lady Szilagy Margit for further details.

Other contests are in the process of being added!

Feast Information: 
Lady Wynne ferch Rhodri ap Hywell is our Chef du Cuisine - she is planning 2 courses with a separate desert course.

Please contact the autocrat with any food allergies.  IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT US IN ADVANCE, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU AT THE EVENT.

Merchant Information:  As always, Merchants are MOST welcome, and pay no additional fees.  Please contact our Merchant Coordinator, Lady Reyne Telarius ( to reserve your spot!