SCAdian Group Proposes Real-Life Village

A small group of SCAdians, led by Aislinn FireHorse, proposes to purchase land in New York and to construct an ecologically-friendly village using updated versions of historical technologies. The letter from Aislinn FireHorse is presented below, in its entirety and unedited except for reformatting to fit our web page layout. (Please see disclaimer following the letter.)


Let us introduce ourselves. I am Aislinn FireHorse and my daughter is Iduna SilverSkys. We are second generation Blackstars from the line of Dutchess Shara (queen of Duke Sir Andrew) and Rayah BlackStar. It is in Honor of Mistress Rayah,House BlackStar, the early spirit and Heroes of the SCA that we write you.

The only thing that surpasses our love and dedication to historical truth is our love of Mother earth and of our Native American and Viking/Celt Ancestors. Our Grandmothers tell us that it is mans DUTY to safeguard Mother Earth and ease human suffering. My daughter and I take this seriously.

That is why we are forming the FreyaHaven Alliance. Here is a VERY brief description of how this works and what it is and what it means for SCAdians. In order for this to work optimally, we need your help. Please read on.

Email if you wish to make the dream a reality.

Over the past 2 years my daughter and I have been researching and planning a non-profit historical EcoVillage Network (, built by SCA members for SCA members. 35 years we've all waited for our OWN place and space. The Known World Village. Open 365 days a year. 24 hours a day. With permanent buildings and comfortable housing. A place where every denizen of the Known World can make the dream a full reality for a week or a lifetime.

So many of us work hard at our mundane jobs all week long. Wouldn't it be nice to only have to pack yourself and leave the tent behind for change? What about a young family that wishes to raise their children in a more period environment? Oh and wouldn't it really be great if what you were doing was also beneficial to Mother Earth and the financially disadvantaged?

This is the goal of the FreyaHaven Alliance. Due to the use of Earthship architecture ( which costs 1/6 the price of a conventional building) and EcoSustainable farming methods this dream can be a reality. EVERYTHING that is needed in a village we can grow and produce ourselves. Even chocolate bars and rubber!

Our funding will come from grants,private and corporate donations,and sales of surplus products.

The Lawyer and grants writer are paid. All we are currently in need of is a few dedicated Denizens of the Known World to help us form a Board of Trustees and a few volunteers to oversee the formation and management of the guilds. We are seeking to be official and legal by 3/30/03.

We have our eyes on a 175 acre Riverfront farm in upstate NY. We would like to purchase this farm and hold the dedication ceremony this Summer Solstice June 21, 2003. The farm can bought and development begun for 100k or less. Asking price of the farm is 80k.

Also we are in contact with a very Ecominded realtor that specializes in undeveloped primitive land. He has informed us of a 400 acres of parcel of primitive N.Adirondack wilderness land that will be on the market this summer.

We've also priced land in WV,KY,OH,VT,SC,NC,MT,CO Ozarks,Canada and Australia.

We can use all the help we can get to help this take off. Below is our Mission Statement. Email us


  1. A non-profit group dedicated to low impact, eco-sustainable, independent living.
  2. The Research and preservation of historical eco-sustainable living technologies. (period living)
    1. Research and testing of above
  3. Research, development and testing of modern eco-living technologies. With an emphasis on combing the best of modern and historical eco technologies
  4. Eco restoration( restoring commercial land to an eco balanced state. i.e. commercial farms,) Eco preservation and conservation. Especially as it pertains to endangered, rare or threatened animals, plants or habitats. with a primary focus on endangered livestock and agricultural plant species.
  5. Preservation and rediscovery of historical living arts i.e. glassblowing, blacksmithing, weaving, etc.
  6. To present and distribute the above knowledge in a professional format and distribute it free to the global public to promote global eco- awareness.

Editor's Note: presents this proposal for informational purposes. Opinions expressed in this letter are those of its author and do not necessarily represent those of, its staff, or its management. neither endorses nor opposes this proposal.