Midrealm Retired Regalia Item Auction

The Not-So-Silent Silent Auction: Join the Midrealm Ministers of Regalia, Contessa Tamara di Firenze and Master Matthew Christopher of Bristol, for an auction of decommissioned Kingdom regalia items. Proceeds will be used to purchase new regalia and maintain current items.

The Auction will be held from 1:00 to 3:00. Master Matthew Christopher and a cavalcade of various and sundry performers will be making merry in the truest Twelfth Night tradition at the auction area: come prepared to be amused and amazed, as you place your bids to become the proud owners of pieces of Midrealm History.

At Court that evening, after having served as Regalia Ministers for 4 years and 8 sovereigns since the reign of Valharic and Alys, Master Matthew & Contessa Tamara will step down, and the office will be turned over to THL Bethany.

To preview items before the event, and read the process by which the items were decomissioned, visit http://www.midrealm.org/regalia and look under "Auction." Any artist who created an item currently on display for auction may claim that item freely, by contacting Contessa Tamara at 513-675-9394 (cell) up until the morning of 12th Night itself.

Items for auction which include the Royal Arms in such a way that the Crown and Wreath (those items of our heraldry which differentiate the arms of the Crown from the Kingdom Ensign) cannot be struck will be auctioned only to prior and resident Midrealm Peers.

After the auction, descriptions or images of the items will be moved to the Retired portion of the Gallery page, with notes of who now holds possession of the item.