Newswire Celebrates 500th Article, online since August 3, 2002, marks another milestone with the publication of the 500th article on the newswire. barely met its goal of being online by Pennsic 31. The site was up, but articles had to be hand-entered into the database using SQL commands. It was pretty crude! We still have a way to go, and not all features are implemented yet, but the newswire is fully operational and has just run its 500th story. People have zoomed from the newswire into a story's detail more than 16,000 times since the site went online.

People may not realize that older stories, identified by their "search ID", are kept in the archive indefinitely. You can search for them by date (using the form at the bottom of the newswire) or by keyword (using the "Quick Search" feature at the top of the newswire).

We're always looking for contributed stories from readers, and we're always interested in recruiting new reporters. If you enjoy writing news stories, we welcome you to join the volunteer team! Send an email to if you are interested in joining us.


Congratulations, and thank you for the great service you are providing! I check in daily for news of what is going on around the Known World.

Mistress Jessa d'Avondale East Kingdom

Re: SCAtoday

Thank you for the kind words!