Kevin O'Shaughnessy becomes Peer, Don, Earl Marshal of Northshield

On December 10, 2005 at the Boar's Head event in the Kingdom of Northshield, during evening court, their Majesties Æsa Gilsdottir and Kitadate-tenno recognized Kevin O'Shaughnessy as a Master of the Pelican and a Master of the Laurel.

Earlier that day, Master Kevin was entered into the Order of the White Scarf and became a Don. Right after he took the oath of becoming a white scarf, Mistress Cassandra Antonelli and Vicountess Elashava bas Riva begged a boon or two. They asked for him to be put on vigil for the Orders of Laurel and Pelican. The announcement of this caught Don Kevin off guard. Kevin was escorted after the White scarf meeting directly to the place where he sat vigil all afternoon. At evening court, he became the second Earl Marshal of the Northshield, succeeding Mistress Cassandra Antonelli, and then was elevated into the Orders of the Pelican for his service to the Kingdom of the Midrealm and Northshield and into the Order of the Laurel for his wonderful Arts and Sciences.

Mistress Gwyneth Felton, who knows Master Kevin well, says his contributions to the arts and sciences community are especially strong in the areas of astronomy, time, and navigation in the Middle Ages.

Pictures of Boar's Head can be found on the Unofficial Northshield Gallery.

Vivat to Master Kevin!