Armor Stolen in West Kingdom

Eyvandr Gunnarsson reports that his armor was stolen from the Rockridge BART station in Oakland, California December 13, 2005. Please be on the lookout for armor for sale in unusual situations.

Eyvandr writes:

I come with poor tidings.

I wanted to let everyone know that today my armour was stolen out of my truck while parked at the Rockridge BART station while I was at work. I drive up there and park my truck during the day and ride into the city, and then ride back out after work for practice on Tuesday's and Thursdays.

The culprit broke my passenger window of my truck and then pulled my armor chest through the window and made off with it. It contained my entire rig.

Today has not been a good day. I have already contacted my insurance and will speak to my home-owners policy holder about my coverage for personal property.

Please keep an eye out for any of my gear. I know that there are enough pictures of it lurking around the West Kingdom History site. In my armor chest was my helmet (one of my most prized possessions), lamellar body armor, gorget (with lambda and demi-sun on the back plate), my black bauzabans (with the lambda and demi-sun on one of them), brown leather legs with aluminum 5-piece knees, 2 demi-gauntlets left and right (black), low profile elbow cop attached to a pad, splinted greaves attached to black leather spats, an under armor shirt, pants, and skull cap, as well as 2 sets of personal protection.

Along with the helmet, there were a few other items of particular note. The Captain of the Princess of the Mists Guards Baldric, three very important favors, and my squire's belt.

If you see any of it, please let me know. I am also looking to see if anyone has any of the non D-shaped lamellar plates kicking around, as I am going to need to rebuild my armour now. Just let me know how many you have for sale, and I will put a check in the mail.

Thanks everyone.

Eyvandr Gunnarsson
(Greg Palleschi)