PBS Seeking Volunteers for 1630s Colonial Experience

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is looking for volunteers to live in an authentic 1630s colonial house for up to five months, for creation of a documentary. You can apply online, but the deadline is February 21! This network has already done documentaries of this type for a Victorian-era house and for a house in the American western frontier in the 1800s. The upcoming project, the earliest to date, attempts to study life in the 1630s in colonial North America by asking a number of families, couples, and singles to live for up to five months in an accurately-reproduced colonial village.

Participants receive a small stipend for participating, but there is no "prize" as this is not a game show. Past experience with these documentaries has shown that the living conditions are more arduous than some volunteers expect. Still, if you're interested in life in a pre-industrial setting, this may be your best chance ever.