Prefects to Take on Challengers in Rapier Tourney

Four Prefects of the Drachenwald Academy of Defence will take on challengers at the upcoming Four Prefects event to be held June 28, 2003 in the Shire of Meadowmarsh, Wasserburg, Germany. In a post to the Drachenwald list, Tomas wrote:

Lords and Ladies, Members of the Drachenwald Academy of Defence, and all who bear interest:

To celebrate the love of fencing that is growing in Drachenwald, and the skills, knowledge, and courtesy that are growing with it, there will be held on this given date a display of these attributes in the form of Prize playings and tournaments. All who love, or who wish to see, the civil arts of defence, and their associated virtues, are urged to come and participate in the day's tournaments and displays and to join in the celebration of all that is good in fencing in Drachenwald.

The following Gentles:

Honourable Lord Jean Fernald de Savigny
Lord Etienne Fevre de Dion
Lord Tomas Pancaldo
Master Mns Knutsson Kotte

having been invited to the highest rank in the Drachenwald Academy of Defence, that of Prefect, and having expressed willingness to accept this responsibility, will Play the Prize on Saturday the 28th Day of the 6th Month, being June, AS XXXVII in the picturesque Wasserburg zud Erlensee in Their Majesties' Shire of Meadowmarsh.

Risterd Ruadh MacLeod, Tiarna, Praeceptor to the Academy, will act as Sponsor for these Trials.

These four Gentles will face each other as Challengers, twice each in the following weapons:

Rapier and Buckler
Rapier and Cloak
Rapier and Dagger
Case of Rapier

followed by an hour during which they will meet all comers, so that they may perform and do their utter most for the demonstration of their skill and bearing away of the prize and rank of Prefect in the Drachenwald Academy of Defence. After the Tourneys, the day will close with a rich Feast.

Long live the King and Queen!