At home with one another: Cohousers say they're looking for community

The Boston Globe reports on a group developing a cohousing neighborhood in Berlin, Massachusetts, where residents will "garden, knit, share meals, make music -- and, yes, occasionally dress up in medieval garb and belabor one another with makeshift swords."

The Camelot Cohousing project will include 34 condominiums, with amenities including a "common house" with a kitchen, a large dining area, a playroom, a "dojo" (for music, yoga, and martial arts practice), guest rooms for visitors, and space for crafts; the plans also include an archery range, a ballfield, a swimming pool, a meditation grove, and a barn for heavy weapons combat.

Roughly half of the group that has signed on for the Camelot Cohousing project is involved in the SCA.