Drachenwald Sidesword Program Launched

Cernac the Celt has announced that the Drachenwald Sidesword Program has been formally launched. In a post on the Drachenwald list, Cernac the Celt wrote:

Milords and Ladies,

The Drachenwald Sidesword Program (an experiment in a style of combat utilising period-style steel fencing blades with cutting and thrusting as per the styles of such period masters as Marozzo, Agrippa and Di Grassi) is hereby formally launched.

Though there has been some demo activity of this style throughout the kingdom, the Drachenwald proposal has now been approved by the Drachenwald marshallate and the Society Sidesword Marshal and the full program is beginning. My thanks to all who have contributed to the content of the final document through their feedback!

The program will involve regular practices in this style of combat combined with a strict reporting procedure.

The Drachenwald regulations are available on the kingdom combat pages (click on the header)

An initial list of approved marshals has been drawn up and warrants will be issued in the coming week. Gentles interested in more information or in participating in the program please contact me mike@SPEAR.IOL.IE

In service,

Cernac the Celt (MKA Mike Prendergast)
Drachenwald Deputy Marshal for Sidesword Combat