Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon 2006

"The Ice Dragon is Coming! The Ice Dragon is Coming!!"
Run, don't walk, to you nearest phone, mail box, or computer and find out how to have the best March 18th 2006 of your lives. That's right good gentles, The Barony of the Rhydderich Hael is proud to present for the 28th consecutive year, the one! The only! The Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon!

This year the event has returned  again to ensure that your spring starts off on the very best of notes.

  What is Ice dragon you might be asking yourself?
Well to put it briefly, Ice Dragon is the premier A&S, one of the largest Heavy, and finest fencing event within the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

Where is Ice Dragon?
This year the festival will be at the Erie County Fair Grounds, at 5600 McKinley Parkway, Hamburg NY, 14075.

When is Ice Dragon?
The Date of March 18th, 2006 has been reserved for this glorious event.

What is there to do at Ice Dragon?
Well Jimmy, the question should be what isn't there to do. But since that is not the question, here is the answer……There will be the premier A&S competitions in the Kingdom, The Ice Dragon Pentathlon. And displays from bardic competitions, to scroll displays. There will be Fencing; some of the best from ours and surrounding kingdoms. Heavy Weapons combat, again with combatants coming from all reaches. There will also be Thrown Weapons, (Weather permitting). And yes there will even be Youth Combat this year.  And if all else fails there is always the merchants rows and rows of merchants. Tons of merchants. Lots and lots O'Merchants. Did I mention that there are going to be Merchants?

Pentathlon? What is that?
The Ice Dragon A&S Pentathlon, or Pent for short, is the largest A&S competition in Æthelmearc outside of Pennsic. For more information, please visit: http://www.lightlink.com/rhiannon/Ice_Dragon_06IceD_06_index.html

Is there anything to eat?
Yes. There is going to be  tavern style dining throughout the day. With period foods and modern beverages for the SCAdian on the go.

Is there a schedule of events?
A complete schedule of events will be posted as the date comes closer. Watch for announcements on your local websites.

How much is this going to cost?
Prices for Ice Dragon are as follows:  
Adults Pre-reg: $8 in advance or $10 at the door  
Children 6 - 12 Pre-reg: $4 in advance or $5 at the door
Those less than 6 years are free
*these prices are in American funds. If using Canadian funds please add 40% **as per society rules there will be a $3 non-member charge for all those without proof of membership. No exceptions.

Are there any rules for the site?
Very good question Suzy. Yes there are. The site is discretely damp. Please be observant of this rule. And ALL the buildings are smoke free. Smoking is permitted on the property but must take place a minimum of 25 feet from any buildings. Plus all mundane rules and laws apply. I do apologize for any inconvenience, but these are the rules we must abide by.

How do I get to Ice Dragon?
Practice, Prac…Sorry wrong answer. Here are directions to the Ice Dragon site: Make your best way to route I-90. travel to exit 56 (Blasdell / Milestrip). After paying toll turn left onto Milestrip Rd. (rt. 179). Turn left at the first signal light onto Southpark Ave.(rt. 62). Travel about 3.8 miles to the Fair grounds entrance. Follow the signs to direct you to the proper areas for parking and unloading.

From Canada: The most efficient rt. is to cross into the US via Ft. Erie and the Peace bridge. Once you cross the bridge and pass customs (do not forget your ID's) veer to your left and follow the signs for NYS I-190. You will go through one light then down a short road to the intersection of Porter Ave. turn right at this light and follow the signs for 190 south. Travel along the 190 south until it joins with the I-90 south to Erie. Now follow the above directions.

Hope to see all of you there.