Information Needed for Youth Participation in Drachenwald's 10th Year Celebration

Galwin, Drachenwald's Minister of Youth, has asked that those gentles who plan to bring children to the Tenth Year Celebration should register them with the Youth Activities Coordinator. In a post to the Drachenwald list, Galwin wrote:
Presently Drachenwald is preparing for its Tenth Year Anniversary Celebrations. Many have come together to make this happen and we would like to have as many as wish to participate in the many activities being planned for. Some of these activities are directly related to and for Youth participation. To help us better plan for these activities I would ask that any who will be attending this Grand Event with Youth in hand to please forward the following information to:

Lady Anne Fenton of Colchester

who has volunteered to coordinate the Youth Activities. We would like to have the following information on each youth which will be attending if you would please.

* SCA Name
* Mundane Name
* Age
* Gender
* Any areas of special interest or talents such as musical, vocal, artistic and such

With this information it will greatly help all involved with this most wonderful of Events.

Drachenwald Minister of Youth