Do-It-Yourself Armoury Weekend a Success

Lord Ceawlin Silvertongue reports that Drachenwald's recent Do-It-Yourself Armoury Weekend was a great success. In a report to the Drachenwald list, Lord Ceawlin writes:
Our recent "Do-It-Yourself Armoury Weekend" was a great success. At one time, we had six armourers and one seamstress working on projects, and created many an item for this great hobby, including...

* A pair of 3/4 legs
* 4 gorgets
* 1 pair of elbow couters
* The plates cut for a large coat of plates
* 1 shield repaired and reinforced
* 1 Sword scabbard and belt
* 1 rapier helm padded for sidesword use

...and one bodice pattern figured out, and the lining completed.

Many thanks to the several Gentles who took part, and we'll do it again sometime in the next few months.

...and as always, the Armoury can be open to anyone, anytime I can be here, with a little advance notice. There's not much I enjoy more than armoring :-)

Ceawlin Silvertongue

Editor's note: Lord Ceawlin runs a small armory out of his basement, which he makes available on a regular basis to those who want to learn armoring.