Are you feeling funny? Medieval humor

Aoife's Links this week brings us a fine cure for the Wintertime Blues, with links full of the humor (not the humours) of the Middle Ages.

Greetings my Faithful Readers!

This week I'm going for humor. Life's too short, and with the big turkey day looming large, I need all the humor and diversion I can get. If family holidays get you down, spend an hour or two at the computer to lighten up!

There are many more such sites out there. I hope you find these enlightening and amusing, and just what the physic ordered for the dreary November weather we're expecting over Thanksgiving here in the Eastern US, or wherever you may be.



Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon
Riverouge, Endless Hills, Aethelmearc

Funny historical and not-so-historical websites

The Medieval Insult Page
(Site Excerpt) "You idiot! You goat dung! Sheep dung! Horse dung! You cow dung! You pig filth! You human dung! You dog dung! Fox dung! Cat dung! Chicken droppings! You donkey dung! You fox cub of all fox cubs! You fox tail! You fox beard! You skin of a fox cub! You idiot and halfwit! You buffoon!" -- The Colloquy of Ælfric Bata

Stefan's Florilegium: Medieval Jokes
(Excerpt from ONE message) How many Romans does it take to light a lantern? One thousand and one. It requires the Emperor of the Romans to order that the lantern be lit, Nine hundred and ninety nine Roman officials to pass down the order, and a slave to light the lantern. : Funny Medieval Stories
(Site Excerpt) A certain jealous husband followed his wife to confession; whom when the priest should lead behind the alter to be displied [disciplined by beating], the husband, perceiving it, and doubting the worst, cried unto him, saying, "hear ye, master parson, I pray you let me be displied for her."
And kneeling down before the priest, "I pray you," quod the wife to the priest, "strike him hard, for I am a great sinner."
[pub. 1583]

Off the Mark Medieval Cartoons

Something Awful: Medieval Tapestries with modern themes
(Ed note: Apologies for the 9-11 humor reference and various uncouth captions. Warning: This stuff is raw but funny. I wasted a good 20 minutes laughing at this site)

Yama Kaminari: Medieval Humor
(Site Excerpt) Q: How many Saxons does it take to build a castle?
A: All of them, three days a week, as is my right.

Amusing quizzes

The Medieval Quiz
Answer real questions. Instant corrections (some of which are funny/insulting)

Kingdomality Quiz
What is your medieval vocational personality?

Who Wants to be a Medieval Millionaire?
Test your medieval knowledge in the familiar quiz format.

What sort of hat would you have worn in Medieval times?
(Site Excerpt) Hats were an important part of medieval garb. Depending on one's occupation and the time of the year, hats could vary from linen head warmers, to straw or felt hats, to "borrelais" hats to fine mesh mail coifs, to "sallet" helmets, to visored "basinets" to mitres and crowns.

Your Medieval Personality Type
Take the quiz to determine your "temperamental humor" and see what medieval career choices would have been good for you!