Rivenoak Yule

Gentle reader, rejoice in the knowledge of the Rivenoak Yule feast I now offer to you: The hall for the Rivenoak Yule Feast on Saturday, December 10th will now open for attendees at 4:30pm, when some simple country dances will be taught until 6pm.
  • Feasting will begin at 6pm.
  • Please bring your banners, your candles, and your feasting gear.
  • Come prepared to steal your neighbor's livestock - silliness!
  • There will be a Super Secret Silly Play by the Rivenoakie 'Thethpiansth', and starring THE POPULACE as ITSELF.
  • There will also be an especially silly group heraldry activity.

DIRECTIONS: take your best route to Hwy 99 to Gridley (between Chico and Yuba City). In Gridley, turn east on East Spruce Street. Where the street dead ends, turn left, then turn right immediately into the Guardian Building parking lot. *..and while we're at it, here's the rest of the event info, properly updated:

Come one and all to celebrate the season with Their Excellencies Coronado and Jehnene, Baron and Baroness of Rivenoak! This year we will be returning to a semi-potluck format, with the Barony providing the roast beasts for the meat course.

Refer to the guide below and please bring enough servings of a dish for 6-10 people per person in your party, by first letter of SCA first name:

  • A-I: fruit or vegetable dish, including salads
  • J-S: starchy side dish or bread
  • T-Z: dessert

Entertainment will include a new play by Mistress Siranna of Hawthorn Hall, as well as our first annual Holiday Filk competition.

Site information: The site is the Gridley Guardian Building, on the Gridley High School campus, at 300 East Spruce Street in Gridley. Site opens at 4:30pm with dancing instruction, with feasting at 6pm; the site closes at midnight.

Autocrat: Bjorn Jorsalfar of Bearhaven (James Cornwell) bjornjorsalfar@sbcglobal.net