Tournament of the Wolf Moon

Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howl hungrily throughout the land. A lone rider comes with a missive from the Company of the Azure Rose in the fairest kingdom Trimaris far to the south where alas the sun still shines.

The Most Noble Company of the Azure Rose shall host a grand and glorious tournament of lance and sword near the borderlands with Riversmor to honor the Ladies of the Rose of the Knowne World. Beautiful and Noble Ladies of greatest virtue will award rich prizes and largesse. Chivalric Knights and their Squires shall take to the field to hone their skills of war bringing with them their fierce Archers and loyal Hounds. The warm and sturdy lodge along the winding river shall be filled with minstrels and bards of great renown. The tables shall be set for feasting beyond words. The night shall bring wondrous dancing and bardic celebration. As we come together in the Spirit of Friendship to ward off the wolves of winter.

Folks coming in from all over the Knowne World to share the fun!

Come make new friends!