New film made by SCA members in the West Kingdom

A recently-completed horror film, Waning Solstice, features a number of SCAdians from the West Kingdom.

The blurb from the film web site reads:

As the witch trials raged across Europe one inquisitors name was feard amongst all others Martin Del Rio. After tracking a demon and losing in a battle he summoned a demon into himself to gain the power to continue fighteing her through the ages, then his journal and all the knowledge within was stolen. Now in the twenty first millenium his book has resurfaced and a girl without the commen sense to not fool around with dark arts she does not understand has unleashed a horde of demons and their army of zombies on a quiet little town. Del Rio and a handfull of college students are the only ones standing between humanity and hell on earth.

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The "original article" link below points to the info/ordering page.

Note: We at have reason to believe, though no proof as yet, that at least some of the "spontaneous praise" for this movie circulating around the Internet lists may be bogus, and may be posted by people connected with the sale of the movie. This doesn't mean it is a bad movie, but be careful what you believe on the lists.