Pentamere Twelfth Night

The Pentamere Twelfth Night this year is being hosted by the Canton of Ealdnordwuda (sponsored by the Barony of Northwoods) on January 7 at Everett High School in Lansing, MI.

Somehow, the December Pale neglected to include the ad that was sent two months ago but, thankfully, we live in an electronic age. Everything you need to know about the event is on the website at

We have will quite a Royal Presence, as the king, queen, prince, and princess all plan to attend. There will be children's activities (including boffers), three A&S displays/competitions, and a not-so-silent silent auction of decommissioned Kingdom regalia. Iron Oak will be hosting a lunch tavern and the evening feast (for 100 gentles) will include Chestershire pork pies and venison. European dancing classes will be held all day, and there will be an evening ball after feast.

Their Majesties will be having meetings for the Orders of the Pelican and Laurel, as well as the Greenwood Company. There is also a Pentamere Regional Army meeting/discussion scheduled.

Besides the already-scheduled 37 hours of A&S classes, Sir Ranthulfr will display his "Book of Ecclesiastes." This complete illuminated manuscript is in the style of the Lindisfarne Gospels and was created using 100% authentic materials and techniques.

If anyone else is interested in teaching a class, there is still have room. Just send the title, description, and your full SCA name to That's the same place you can also direct any questions regarding the event.

In Service,
Michaela de La Chesnaye des Bois, autocrat