Kingdom War Practice (Scots/Welsh)

The Kingdom War Practice (the event commonly known as Scots/Welsh) is January 13, 14 and 15th. Once again at Rybolt, and once again with Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons, Archery and more.

I'm the Merchant/Land Grab Contact and would like to invite all those who wish to merchant at the event to please contact me. I'm trying to get things organized and early contact is a real benefit in that.

The event Web site is being prepped, and the event flyer didn't make it into the December issue of Talewinds. Our bad. However, the event autocrat is Mistress Damara and she can be reached at

Feast is limited to 50 people, so pre-reserving is a good idea. There will be a mailing to the Kingdom's Seneschals so please look for that. You can also email Mistress Damara with your questions.

Please remember that this event is a Fund Raiser for the Kingdom's War Chest. And also there will be a fund raiser for the Gulf War's Tea. No donation lunch this time. Instead the Shire of Tri-Os is making cloaks and other things for sale. All items are donated by the members and every single penny raised will be given as a gift to the Crown to assist in the expenses. Please come by the table, to be in the merchant's area, and look.

Okay, again if you wish to merchant anything at all, please contact me.

Melisenda Alix