Kutztown University Medieval Renaissance Holiday Dinner Theatre

Subtle Hint Productions in conjunction with the Kutztown University Renaissance Club presents:

December, 1486. The bitter civil war that has divided England for so many years has ended with Henry (VII) Tudor sitting upon the throne. The War of the Roses is over; having torn families apart and turning the best of friends into the worst of enemies. This is a tale of two of those families; The House of Westcott and the House of Montgomery. The Patriarchs of both houses were once great friends and allies, but when the trumpets of war blew, one stayed loyal to his king, while the other aligned with his challenger.

Now, ten years later, Baron William Montgomery hopes to undo the damage done by that terrible war. Weary of conflict, he wishes to live his remaining years with the knowledge that the house his son Charles inherits is a strong and stable one. His plan on the surface seemed simple enough. The best way to mend the fence between Harold; The Earl of Westcott and himself was to join their two families as one, by marrying Charles to Harold’s daughter Mary. Of course there were a great many things that played against this plan.

For one, his holdings and stature are not what they were, for though he escaped exile (or worse) due to his wife Katherine’s family ties to the new King, his lands and wealth were depleted by the tribute he was forced to pay the crown to prove his loyalty. He was not penniless by anyone’s standards...but his position was hardly the most attractive when trying to negotiate an alliance.

As for the son that centered around the deal...well, Charles was a studious lad, well versed in the academics of the day. In other words, Charles was boring. While others of his age were off fighting wars and seeking adventure, Charles Montgomery seemed more suited for life in a monastery than a life of experience.

William foresaw these obstacles and had plotted ways around them. Tonight’s feast has been put in the hands of Charles completely, much to the Chief Steward's displeasure, I might add. William hoped to show his son in a different light than what everyone was used to. Show a more personable side to him; bring out the latent charm that Charles seems to have left behind with his youth.

To offset the financial obstacles, William has brokered a risky deal with Jonathan; the Duke of Lackland — a business agreement that would strengthen the holdings of both House Montgomery and House Westcott if everything went as planned. Of course, the deal is contingent on the wedding of Charles and Mary.

The best laid plans of mice and men, you say? It would seem that way. Charles has had an increasingly difficult time living up to the task set before him. The entertainment he hired (and paid in advance) has become mysteriously waylaid on their way to the manor. Every time he thinks of Mary Westcott he breaks down into a stutter. Every time he thinks of her father...well...let’s just say he is still terrified to be around Hairy Harold the Horrible. He has to endure the constant criticism of the Chief Steward (because of course she could have pulled this dinner off with her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded).

And what of the Duke of Lackland? It is well known that he is hardly the most trustworthy of fellows. Okay, the guy is evil through and through. His family has been a plague on the realm since his ancestor John sat upon the throne. His reputation for lechery is...well...best left unrepeated. His lust for power and money come second only to his lust for Mary Westcott.

Oh, the outcome of the evening looks grave...unless you throw in the arrival of the world famous minstrel Donald of the Southern Lands (insert groan here), a mysterious masked gypsy named Nicholai, one or two surprises, and maybe even a few desperate housewives…and maybe..just maybe..all’s well that ends well might just happen.

So come join us, for a night of adventure, laughter, music, intrigue, betrayal, and triumph!

Written by: Reverend Brian DiBonaventure and Christopher Pizolato Directed by: Reverend Brian DiBonaventure

Jarrod Weida as Baron William Montgomery
Randi Fine as Baroness Katherine Montgomery
Brian DiBonaventure as Charles Montgomery
Dave Hughes as Duke Harold Westcott
Jackie Ream as Duchess Elizabeth Westcott
Sue Adamczyk as Mary Westcott
Bill Hand as George; Duke of the House of Lachlan
Michael Weaver as Donald of the Southern Lands
Anna Koneski as Chief Steward
George Spelvin as Nicholai; the mysterious gypsy

Satruday December 10th
Kutztown University
Student Union Building MultiPurpose Room
Tickets are $10 (dinner included)
Doors open at 5pm

Inquiries and Ticket ordering can be directed to: Medieval@kutztown.edu or by calling 610-894-5478

Bring Canned Goods and non-perishable food donations for the Kutztown University Renaissance Club's food drive.