Hansa Challenge

Good people of Drachenwald! After a long period of neglect, the Incipient Shire of Heiligdreikönige has decided to reassert its control of the Rhein - North Sea trading routes. As a result, we are reinstating the Rhennish third. Come compete in games, both peaceful and marshal, and win your group exclusive trading privileges! Bargain for trade deals! Get your group the best customs and tax rates! Secure a job on one of our illustrious caravels! Obtain 'protection' for your ships!

We will also have on sale and display some curiosities from distant lands, just in from our merchant ships, including a showcase of the arts and sciences. Hamburg and Lübeck traders are welcome to vend their fish, salt and lumber, tax free. We have hired the best cooks to provide you with an unforgettable 13th century German feast, based on the main trade items of our league.

Site fee: 25 Euros, all inclusive. All residents of Germany must pre-pay their reservations. Day-trippers pay 14 Euros, inclusive of food.

*The site is quite small, and so crash space is on a first come, first serve basis. There is a small guest house nearby. If you decide to stay there, the site fee will be the same as if you had stayed on site.

Site address:
Pfadfinderheim Stamm Erdenburg
Diakonissenweg 23
51429 Bergisch-Gladbach (Moitzfeld)

Event times: Opens at 16:00 on February 25th, and closes at 14:00 on February 27th

Event Steward:
Anya Mstyslavyaya (Jennifer Knox)

Feast Steward: Duncan the Shephard and Marcellina d'Angelis (Thomas and Martina Shäfer)

Site Steward:
Gabriel (Sebastian Kempkens)