DNA Implies Genghis Khan was a Prolific Lover

National Geographic News: Recent studies show that Genghis Khan may well have been the "father of his country." A group of scientists studying Y-chromosome data have discovered that nearly 8 percent of men living in the region of the former Mongolian Empire carry almost identical Y chromosomes. That translates to around 16,000,000 descendants. The scientists believe that it would take a special set of circumstances to so markedly impact a population and that Genghis Khan has met the criteria. His empire extended from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea and his rule was characterized by the wholesale slaughter of those he defeated. The resulting children of his harems and other conquests continued his bloodlines throughout the region.

There is also documentation. "The Hazaras [of Pakistan] gave us our first clue to the connection with Genghis Khan," said geneticist Spencer Wells. "They have a long oral tradition that says they're his direct descendants."

The connection will never be a certainty unless DNA connected directly with Genghis Khan is found. Until that time, it is certainly an interesting speculation.