Winter Solstice Court

The campaign season has ended, the Harvest War has been fought and a time of relative peace has entered the realm. The mother bear has laid down to rest and will not be seen till spring and even the mighty Gryphon has spoken and said "Geeze! its cold!"

And so leaving the kingdom in the capable hands of the dark King Sir Morgan, flew south to go and kick the Aten Sun Dragon's arse (ever wonder why we head south every February). And so it was the land slowly passed under the shadow of winter and life did seep from the earth into a deep sleep - Across the great kingdom of Artemisia a time of darkness and hibernation has consumed us. Till one day, in the most ancient barony of Loch Salann, did the beautiful Lady Ashe'el let a great sigh and speak..... " I'm bored. lets throw a party! "

And so the heralds were called forth, and messages were sent and the Kingdom did take of the mighty call to "PARTY!!!!".

And let it be so that upon the tenth day of December a Great Masque will be held in the style of the late Henry the VIII and his Tudor court. Dust off those spiffy duds, and make/buy/acquire yourself a masque and come join the fun! There will be a costume and mask competition. A "fools" competition. Children's activities and food to boot. So mark you calendars for December tenth and make sure to be there.

For more info on period masque making check out

Time: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Central High School
501 E. 3900 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Site Fees:
$10.00 16+.
$5.00 5-15.
Free under 5 
Family Cap: $30
Non-Members: $3.00 surcharge for ages 16+
Make checks payable to "Barony of Loch Salann, SCA Inc".

General: Take your best route to the "kings highway" I-15. from the north or south head into Salt Lake City. Travel to exit 303, (3300 S exit). take this exit and turn east to the larger mountain range. Travel along 3300 S. eastbound till you reach 500 E. Turn right, and head south. travel about 6 blocks to the corner of 500 E. and 3900 S. the School will be located on the northeast corner of the intersection in a large brick building with yellow trim.  

Event Steward:
Lady Ashe'el
(Brecca Waite)
Lady Bethoc

Feast Steward:
Lord Raven MacCleod