Lilies War to Feature "Worst Homebrew" Competition

Vincent De Vere has announced that Lilies War XX will feature a "worst homebrew" competition at the Broken Harp Tavern to discuss how brews can go bad.

Vincent De Vere writes:

Friends of the Broken Harp and all in Calontir, draw near. To those friends we have met and shared a drink with and those friends we have yet to meet:

Many of our Calontir brethren have come to the Broken Harp tavern at a variety of its locations to socialize and share in the merriment. It has always been our goal to aid in bringing friends together for good times as well as sharing in good drinks. But alas, once in a while the fruit of the vine and field may be corrupted. In these very rare occasions the beverage produced by our home brewing brothers and sisters can go bad, evil and vile.

It is in our attempt ! to understand these brews gone bad that at the Lilies war XX, the Broken Harp Tavern is proud to present: The Worst Homebrew Competition Featuring two categories for consideration: Accidentally Vile and Intentionally Evil

To quality for the Accidentally Vile category the beverage must be a homebrew that was fully intended by the brewer to be a drinkable beverage but for whatever reason the brew has gone "off."

To qualify for the Intentionally Evil category the beverage was - from it's inception- meant to be evil.

We also wish to provide an opportunity for kingdom brewers and new brewers to discuss why brews go bad and what steps can be taken to prevent unintentional entries at the second annual worst homebrew competition.

The day and time of the judging are to be announced at a later date, but it will be a later afternoon at Lilies. The location will, of course, be at the Broken Harp Tavern.

Disclaimer: Please do not submit anything poisonous. Not all submissions may be actually tasted. Please submit a list of ingredients with entry (some people have allergies.) Only food grade ingredients are allowed, ca! stor oil and other medicines are not to be used. The drink should be able to be tasted (if not enjoyed) and not result in the poisoning of the judge. Visibly molded, infested, moving and/or brews that have developed their own rudimentary communication skills may not be considered. We reserve the right not to taste or judge any brew that scares us too much.

This early announcement should allow everyone plenty of time to get ready. Stay tuned for other announcements from the Broken Harp Crew. Please feel free to e mail me if you have any questions about this or other Broken Harp related items.

By the way, The Broken Harp is currently filling openings for a couple taste testers . . . . . . hehehehe