Women's Combat Symposium

Dear Women fighters and fighters of Aethelmearc: As has long been my ambitions, I am finally able to offer a special day of fighting geared to female fighters in the kingdom!

The first Womens Combat Symposium will be held December 10, 2005, 9AM to 5PM or until we drop dead with exhaustion. The site is Sturmer Hall at the Presbyterian church in Canisteo, NY. SD Rowain has agreed to do drills and armored practices, and I shall be lecturing on what I call The White Horse Syndrome: Women Fighters, thier Strengths and Differences. But best of, the day will be a day of practice, fellowship, and sharing for female fighters and those who support them. You need not have armor to attend the classes and drills, but a tournament is planned for later in the day. Sorry, there will not be oppurtunity for male fighters to armor up; this is girls night out:) (However, I encourage male fighters, marshalls, and trainers to attend to learn how to best train thier female fighters.) And all this is free! Though a $5.00 donation for heat and lunch is asked of those attending to offset these costs. No reservations are required: donations will be taken at the door. For details, please contact Lady Eowyn Swiftlere at eoswiftlere@yahoo.com

From I-86, take the Hornell, NY exit (might be 34B)to RT 36 in hornell. THe ramp empties right onto rt. 36. Take rt 36 through the town of hornell, past walmart, shops, stores, etc, and out of the town. About 5 miles from town is Canisteo NY. There are two stop lights close to each other as you enter canisteo. At the second light, turn right, then quickly left into the parking area in the middle of town. Sturmer hall is right there, attached to the presbyterian church. Go to the sturmer hall entrance (cinder block building)as you do not need to enter the church to get to the practice hall.

Again if you have any immediate questions, don't hesitate to call. I'm a bit slow with email as I said.

Thanks alot!
In service to the Dream
L.Eowyn Swiftlere