Ealdormere Finds a New Arts and Sciences Champion

There were quite a lot of amazing things to be seen at the Ealdormere Arts and Sciences Fair, held on Saturday, November 19 in the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog. Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton was there, and she brings us this report.

I'm not sure how many entries there were, but the tables seemed to be full, and lots of enthusiastic discussion taking place.

There were six entrants in the Pentathlon (along with most of their entries):

  • Lynette: Italian dance, recorder piece, naalbinding hairnets, painting, and blackwork embroidery.
  • Lady Odette: French hoods, Flemish illumination, quill pens and inks, tunics, and one additional entry I'm blanking on, plus a cooking entry of pears in wine sauce.
  • Lady Tryphenia of Stargard: Harp playing, Viborg shirt, three naalbinding caps, embroidered tunic, turnshoes
  • Lady Magnunnr Hringsdottir: Geteld-style tent, oil lamps, bardic recitation in Old Norse and English, Norse clothing ensemble, and tafl board.
  • Lady Caitilin ingen Tomais ui Duibhir: Red Venetian gown, goldwork embroidery, sculptured accessory bits for the gown, drawings, and papermaking.
  • Lady Wencenedl: Shakespeare monologue, embroidered sash, naalbinding hat, purple beaded turnshoes, 12th century ceinture (belt).

Once again, every entrant had at least one "Wow!" entry. In the end, in one of the closest Pent decisions in which I've been involved, the winner was....

Lady Caitilin! Outgoing Pent champion Lady Mahault van der Eych passed on the baldric the silver bowl of the A&S champion, plus a gift of an oaken bench, and TRM offered her a place in their Court.

To Lady Caitilin, plus all of the Pent entrants, A&S Fair participants, and judges, as well as to the event organizers--a very hearty Wassail!

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton