Pennsic XXXV War Chirurgeon Comments on EMS Changes

Viscountess Kaellyn mac Dermott, Chirurgeon in Charge for Pennsic War XXXV, offers her personal comments on the change in EMS providers for Pennsic this coming year.

Greetings from the Pennsic XXXV War Chirurgeon:

As announced by the Lady Mayor of Pennsic 35, Baroness Brise Sanguin OP, Portersville EMS will be unable to continue their long standing relationship with the SCA. A decline in their volunteer membership will prevent them from continuing the high standard of care that we have come to expect from them.

I can understand very well their reasoning and the problem that they are facing. Declining volunteer levels in the chirurgeonate at Pennsic have made our jobs very difficult over the last few years, and low staffing levels are becoming a critical problem for us too. So the difficulties that Portersville is having must be even more debilitating to them.

I am saddened by this news because of my own relationship with the wonderful volunteers who come to us through Portersville EMS every year. In fact, it was during my last tenure as War Chirurgeon of Pennsic XXVI that Portersville was first on site 24/7 to provide care. Their service and professionalism over the years have been inspirational to many chirurgeons. In fact, some of our chirurgeons have gone on to medical careers and established their own relationship with Portersville outside of Pennsic and the SCA.

I sincerely hope that we will continue to see our old friends and team members through the auspices of our new service providers, whoever they may be. In the meantime, the chirurgeonate at Pennsic and the local medical and emergency authorities local to Cooper's Lake will work hard to continue to provide the highest standard of care possible.

Viscountess Kaellyn mac Dermott, OP Chirurgeon in Charge, Pennsic XXXV

Republished with slight editing (typo correction only) by permission of the author.