Mists Tournament Circuit

Duchess Megan has announced the results of the Mists Tournament Circuit which concluded recently in the Kingdom of the West. The idea for the Circuit was based on one used in the Kingdom of Artemesia and adapted by His Highness of the West.

Her Grace writes:

The purpose of the Mists Tournament Circuit is to encourage participation in the lists, and to provide the fighters and the populace a way to track people's performance and participation throughout the season. It gives a small incentive to fighters who wake up on a lazy Sunday and say, "but it's so nice out, and I don't really want to put on my stinky armour..." -- because we all know well that once you do put it on, you are going to have fun, but it's hard to take that first step when you could be sitting in the shade drinking lemonade, instead.

It is recognized that the winner of the Tourney Circuit may not be "Best" fighter in the Principality. Just the fightingest.

Points will be issued for any tournament reported to the Chancellor of the Rolls for the tournament circuit. (Currently Duchess Megan) Point totals (points for entry included):

  • Win = 4
  • Finalist = 3
  • Semi = 2
  • Participation = 1 (Includes Bye fighter, Pas d'Arms, Roses, and any tournament with < 8 participants)

To qualify, a Tournament must meet the following requirements:

  • Must use SCA rules. Does not have to be an "official" event.
  • Must be open to anybody  (ie not invitation-only)
  • May have "Limiting Criteria" (Belted only, Unbelted only, Iron Rose, etc)
  • Minimum of eight combatants (under eight gets the participation point, only).  - This can be changed at the discretion of His Highness Roric (it is his tourney circuit).  For example, His Highness determined that today's Princess Champion List should be eligible for full points to honor Her Highness Peza.  Changes to this requirement will most likely be a special circumstance such as today's list.
  • Heavy Weapons only

Tournaments do not have to be in the Mists to count ... so fight everywhere you go ... Now it was determined last Tourney Circuit that small tournaments held during demo's would be eligible (thus providing assistance at the demo), as well as small tournaments held at events or practices, such as the Impromptu Tournament held at Coronet on Sunday when the war practice fizzled due to not enough fighters, those in armor held a tourney instead.

Here are the top final standings from Dmitriy's Tourney Circuit...for the full list go to http://www.westernfighters.org current standings. Congratulations to His Majesty Uther for finishing in the top place.

Mists Tourney Circuit Final Numbers

  1. Uther 85
  2. Geoffrey Scott 66
  3. Eyvandr Gunnarson 39
  4. Dmitriy Shelomin 31
  5. Baccus Kaloethes 28
  6. Martin of Rivenstar 23
  7. Leotulf of the Silver Hills 21
  8. Allen MacMillen 16
  9. Achilles of Sparta 15
  10. Niall Mor Mac Brian 14
    Roruk Skogan 14
    Thorfinn the Cruel 14
  11. Brion of Glastonbury 11
  12. Fabian 9
    Leon von Schrecken 9
    Mathias 9
    Victoria of Lynwood 9

And now ...Roric's Tourney Circuit has begun as of today and will run until Spring Investiture.

The first tourney points are in:
The current standings are:

  • Geoffrey Scott 4
  • Eyvandr Gunnarsson 3
  • Owen Flechyr 2
  • Hagen the Saxon 1
  • Niall Mor 1
  • Tuomas 1
  • Wilhelm von der Groom 1

Yes ...you will notice that this tourney had 7 fighters but received full points. It was the decision of His Highness that this tourney be given full status in honor of Her Highness Peza.


A full history of the Tourney Circuit, with notes on its origins in Artemesia, is available in the forum area of the website.