Northshield Artisans to Shine at Boar's Head

Ban tigherna Aine ingen MaelPatraic has announced that Caer Anterth Mawr will host an Artisan's Row at the upcoming Boar's Head event in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Aine writes:

I'm excited and honored to announce that Caer Anterth Mawr will be hosting an Artisan's Row at Boar's Head this year! I am coordinating the Row and would like to take this opportunity to invite artisans of all types to come join me this Boar's Head.

For those unfamiliar with Artisan's Row, it is a concept born under this name in Meridies (), though there are many variations on the theme across the Knowne World. Essentially, Artisan's Row is an active learning space - it is a place where artisans can come to practice their art and where those interested in learning about new (or relearning old) arts can come to see how it's done, to ask questions, and in many cases to give it a try. It's dynamic, informal, hands-on, social.. and quite a bit more!

At the moment, I'm looking for artisans in any number of areas who would like to spend some or all of their day at Artisan's Row working on their art. Artisans of all kinds are welcome to contact me if you would like to set up in the Row. Examples of some of the arts commonly included in an Artisan's Row are:

  • fiber artists - spinnners, dyers, weavers (inkle weaving, tablet weaving, etc.), hand-sewers, embroiders, knitters, lace makers, cord makers (lucet, kumihimo, whip-cord, etc), sprang, costumers, silk painters.. you get the idea!
  • calligraphers and illuminators
  • wood workers - carvers, furniture makers, etc.
  • metal smiths - metal casting, chain mail, etc. (Unfortunately, due to the indoor setting, we can not set up for blacksmiths; hopefully at a future event!)
  • potters - wheel thrown pottery, hand built pottery, tile work, glazes, etc.
  • leatherworkers and book binders
  • glassblowers and bead makers
  • cooks, brewers & vintners (although given space and site restrictions, this will not be available at the Boar's Head Artisan's Row - hopefully at a future event!)

We will have some tables and chairs, though participants are encouraged to bring their own chairs and other equipment needed to practice, demonstrate, and possible teach others their art.

If you're interested in participating as a member of Artisan's Row at Boar's Head, please email me at aine.ingen.maelpatraic AT and let me know what you'd like to do and when you'll be available to be at the Row. There's plenty of room for lots of folks to participate! Please contact me ( no later than December 5 if you'd like to join us!

Also, please remember that this is not a class space - I'm not asking for formal classes or instructors (to volunteer to teach a structured class, please contact Lord Arnbjorn Karlsson, the Boar's Head class coordinator ( - but rather a working and sharing space to do what you do and show off what you do to others and maybe (hopefully!) hook a few new people into a few new arts!

In service,

ban tigherna Aine ingen MaelPatraic
Shire of Rokeclif, Kingdom of Northshield