Grimms Rentals and Portersville EMS to leave Pennsic War

Brise Sanguin, Pennsic XXXV Mayor, has confirmed rumors that two long-standing providers of services to Pennsic War will not be returning this year. Lord Calvert from the Pennsic Independent has the story straight from the Mayor.

The following is an announcement from Baroness Brise Sanguin, Mayor of Pennsic XXXV, regarding Grimms Rentals and Portersville EMS at Pennsic.

Greetings to all,

I am writing to you today to share some information from the staff meeting this Saturday, November 12.

First, Grimms will not be renting out tents after January 1, as posted on their website: There are other pavilion rental companies available in the area. We hope to update our normal vendor listing on our website.

Secondly, on Saturday at the meeting, Portersville EMS stated that they have had a decline in volunteer membership. Due to this, they will be unable to provide service at Pennsic. I have already been in contact with another company that is very interested in being a part of Pennsic War.

Baroness Brise Sanguin OP
Mayor Pennsic War 35

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