Day of the Troubadors

The Barony of Ben Dunfirth presents Day of the Troubadors, December 10, 2005.

Wesley United Church
69 Superior Street ,
Brantford ,  ON
N3S 2K5

Site fees (Canadian Funds): $6 adults, $5 students (13-18) and $3 children (5-12), Feast $14 (Non-member surcharge of $4 will be in effect)

Cheques to be made payable to: Barony of Ben Dunfirth SCA Inc.


(Bantiarna) Caitilín inghean Tomáis uí Dhuibhir
(Lord)Tarquin Bjornsson

Lady Jaqueline de Bucquoy

Lord Cameron Wilhelm von Holstein

Fighters and fencers beware, for the champions of last year will be there to defend their honour on the field, as well as for their heraldic displays.

In order to participate in either list, the combatant needs to provide three examples of any of the following heraldric display:

  • Banner, pennants  
  • Mantling
  • Tabard
  • Cloak, heraldric surcoat
  • Medallion
  • Baldrics
  • Favours
  • Shield
  • Shield blanks
  • Servants wearing your livery
  • Your lady/lord wearing their heraldry for you
  • Any thing with heraldry on it

In all cases, the use of an individual’s, household and/or group heraldry is fully allowed. These favours can be shared with others, or be owned by someone else. Any combination of the above to any limit is allowed (ie. 3 favours, three shield, or any combination of the above is acceptable). 

In addition to the above heraldry entry requirements, we will also ask all combatants to refrain from having visible plastic or sports equipment and no visible duct tape except that which is used on swords.  In all cases, the combatant should identify a gentle for who they will be honouring that day.  All combatants will present themselves to the Crown and Landed Peerage to declare their intentions for that day.

Armoured Combat Tournament
A heavy weapon tournament will begin with a Double Elimination then Pas D'armes. A shield tree will be organized for the fighters.  The heralds will announce all fights and the finals will be conducted as the best 2 out of 3.  The semi-finals and finals will be announced in both halls and time out will be done to allow those who wish to witness the finals can be present.  Any potential authorisations planning to attend must contact the Marshal in Charge in advance, preferrably by email.  The Double Elimination has been declared by Their Majesties a Tournament of Renown. For details on this Tournament, click here.

Rapier Tournament
A fencing tournament will be conducted in a method that clearly defines a winner of the tournament.  Finals of the fencing will not conflict with the heavy fighting.  The semi-finals and finals will also be announced to allow those to witness the finals.  Primary authorizations will be allowed pending time restrictions.

This is an heraldic event, there will be three main prizes available to be won: one for the heavy fighter and rapier champion and one for overall heraldic display. To record the tournament in history, the group has made two banners with the groups arms with full achievements, the Kingdom badges and a motto appropriate for the tournament style.  The winner of each tournament will have their choice of heraldry placed on the overall banner for a historical record.  To allow them to display their prowess at home and at other events, a small tournament record will record the finalists heraldry and list the combatants for the day.

Heraldry Competition:
For everyone, combatants and non-combatants included, an overall heraldic display competition is again available with a wooden feast box for the prize.  Anyone can participate if they have at least four examples of this.  A committee of 10 ladies will be chosen by the Queen (or applicable Landed Peerage) and will choose the winner of the display competition.  To further encourage heraldry within the Kingdom, our group herald will work with the Bucina Herald to arrange classes at this heraldic event.

Directions: supplied by our most knowledgeable cartographer, Lord Mapquest:
Parking thus far is on the street, come back for more details regarding further arrangements being made. Signs should be posted as well.

Find your best way to 403 W, take the Wayne Gretzky Parkway exit. 0.4 km, turn left onto Wayne Gretzky Parkway 2.8 km, turn right onto Colborne St. E. (Hwy 2&53 W). Continue to follow Colborne St. E. (Hwy 2&53 W) 1.4 km, turn left onto M urray St . 0.9 km, turn right onto Greenwich S t . 0.1 km, turn slight left onto Cayuga St.. 0.2 km, end at 69 Superior St.

Merge onto 401 E. 44.4 km, take the Hwy-403 exit- exit 235- toward Brantford/Hamilton. 1.2 km, merge onto 403 E. 32.4 km. Take the Hwy-2 exit toward East Brantford . 0.7 km, turn slight right onto hwy 2/Paris Rd. Continue to follow hwy 2  4.2 km. Stay straight to go onto Brant Ave. 0.1 km. * Brant Ave. becomes Icomm Dr. 0.4 km. Turn right onto Market St. S. 0.3 km, turn left onto Erie Ave. 0.7 km, turn left onto Cayuga St. 0.2 km.*

Make your best way to Hwy 8 E. 8.8 km, Stay straight to go onto 401 E. 2.5 km. Take the Hespeler Rd./Hwy-24 S, exit 282- toward Brantford . 0.6 km. Turn slight left to take the hwy-24 S ramp. 0.1 km, Turn slight right onto Hespeler Rd./Hwy-24 S. Continue to follow hwy 24 S. 6.0 km. Turn right onto Water St S/hwy 24 S. Continue to follow hwy 24 S. 24.0 km Turn left onto Brant Ave/hwy 2/hwy 24. Continue to follow Brant ave. *From this point it is the same as above*