Traveler bears wondrous tale of first Gleann Abhann Coronation

Vallawulf Rurikson, of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, journeyed many miles to witness the birth of the new Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. He has kindly agreed to share the tale of his journey with us all.

For a third necessary time in Anno Societatis XL did I leave my beloved Kingdom of Atenveldt, and this time traveled to the Land of Those Who Venerate the Ram, which is called Gleann Abhann.

After a long and torturous route, which led me from the Barony of Tir Ysgithr in Atenveldt, through the Barony of South Downs in Meridies (where I stopped and supped with Her Excellency, Baroness Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani, O.L. and Lord Ahlric von dem Turlin, who formerly resided in our fair kingdom), I at long last arrived there in Gleann Abhann in the week following All Hallow’s Eve, on the fourth day of November, hoping, because – for a brief moment – the weather and sea were both tranquil for a change, that I should return to my own lands soon.

I was greeted upon my arrival in port at nearly midnight, by Her Royal Majesty, Angharad VI, Queen of All An Tir, along with a retinue of local people she knew there, being Lord Saran mac Amair, Lady Alina nic an Bhaird and her son, the young mister Tristan, of Clann Fhinn Mhoir, who were our hosts. After stopping for supplies, we proceeded on in the dark to the coronation site.

As we turned the last bend in the road, a field of glittering lights lay before us, the illumination from dozens and dozens of campfires, their smoke curling lazily into the night sky. The sound of laughter and drums reached our ears.

As we emerged from the wagon and stretched our legs, friendly faces came out of the night to assist us in unloading our belongings into tents already set up for us; Her Majesty in a beautiful round white pavilion and I in a Viking A-frame in a brilliant yellow color which reminded me of our glorious Atenveldt sun. Mugs of ale were pressed into our hands and greetings were given all around. The people seemed pleased to learn our identities and began thanking us for traveling so far to attend the following day’s festivities. Her Majesty An Tir, as always, was gracious, and we both thanked the people of Clann Fhinn Mhoir and the Blade Runners, a mercenary household affiliated with them, for their hospitality and for seeing to our needs.

Her Majesty and I checked in at Troll, where we were greeted cheerfully by Her Excellency, Countess Lailiane Asinina, the autocrat for the weekend’s happenings, as well as by the staff at the tables. After being presented with tokens commemorating the imminent coronation, we were treated to a warm greeting from Her Royal Majesty, Deirdre, Queen of Meridies, who thanked us for traveling so far and for our work as our respective kingdoms' disaster relief coordinators, and who spent considerable time visiting with us, ensuring that we were comfortable and taken care of.

We then removed to the camp of our hosts, where merriment ensued well into the morning hours. There, we met Lord Gerhardt, one of the Blade Runner chieftains, Their Excellencies, Viscount Uther and Viscountess Kenna, of Gleann Abhann, Lord Luther von Ziemer, Mistress Anyeta the Wanderer, a mercenary named Kubedon, as well as Alana, Sven, Dirk, Dex and many others in the encampment.

Later that morning, the dawn came, chasing the chill and (some of) the moisture from the air. Her Majesty and I awoke to the smell of frying bacon, sizzling eggs and freshly brewed coffee. Croissants there were and piles of fresh fruit and jams and jellies and all manner of delicious treats. Whilst we broke our fast, a herald approached and asked to meet with us regarding our participation in the upcoming coronation, which we were glad to do. After eating and performing our morning ablutions (they have a marvelous device called a “shower