Gleann Abhann Supply Run Wraps Up Noble Effort

Peregrine Fairchylde, coordinator of the Gleann Abhann Supply Run, has announced that the effort will no longer accept donations for disaster relief.

Lord Peregrine writes:

Greetings to all from Peregrine Fairchylde, coordinator of the Gleann Abhann Supply Run!

Lords and ladies, it is time to start wrapping up this effort. From the very outset, the response was phenomenal, and I applaud everyone for the work they have done to assist the people of Gleann Abhann. Huzzah!

Now, however, it appears that everyone's most immediate needs for clothing, shelter and food have been taken care of. Many unexepected donations wee made this past weekend at Gleann Abhann's First Coronation and we were unable to give all of them away. From all reports, we're pretty much down to cleanup.

So, effective immediately, the Gleann Abhann Supply Run is NO LONGER ACCEPTING DONATIONS of anything except gift cards.

Many of our supply depots are still well-stocked, and we will be using the next month to six weeks to clear them out by delivering the last of the goods to those who need them. We will not be replenishing those depots.

For those of you who have goods on hand you were planning to send, I ask you to please find a local charity to donate them to. Your efforts and enthusiasm will not be appreciated any less, and the goods will still be put to use where they are needed.

For those of you who have held fundraisers and have monetary contributions, please continue to purchase gift cards and send them to me for distribution (Eric Francis, 3322 Lamar St., Little Rock, AR 72205). Again, the ones we need the most are for Home Depot, Lowe's and Wal-Mart.

Lady Ancyra is still taking in and distributing SCA goods. If you are interested in donating to that cause, please contact her first at

The genorosity of the Known World in this relief effort has been staggering. In order to thank in person, in a timely fashion, each and every gentle who contributed in some way to the Supply Run, I would have to be able to violate the laws of physics (or, at least, seriously ignore the speed limit), so I hope this will be accepted in the stead of individual visits: Thank you, thank you, thank you -- chivalry, courtesy and service are truly alive and well in these Current Middle Ages!

Please cross-post this message to other kingdom, group and local lists, so we can make sure nobody is planing to ship another bunch of boxes down here!

In service to Kingdom and Society, I remain,
Your most humble servant,
Peregrine Fairchylde
Shire of Lagerdamm
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann