Kingdom Motto Selected for Drachenwald

An unofficial poll in the Kingdom of Drachenwald has selected a new kingdom motto. In the past few months, readers on the Drachenwald list have tossed around ideas for a Kingdom Motto. Lord Janos (John Springfield) reports that in a very unofficial poll of five voters, with no hanging chads, the following motto was chosen:

"Drachenwald - where your persona comes from"

It remains only for Their Majesties of Drachenwald to make it official. The complete list is below.

Kingdom Mottos

  1. Drachenwald - Where the beer is strong, the armour authentic and the Castles REAL!!!!
  2. Castle to the left, battlefield to the right, ancient monument Straight ahead - Yes, that WAS Windsor Castle we just passed...
  3. No big wars, no huge events, but plenty of real castles "Hey, we don't just play SCA, we live it"
  4. We Claim rights to Europe, Africa and the best parts of Asia....
  5. Drachenwald - The other half of the Known World!
  6. Drachenwald - One Kingdom, two Continents!
  7. Drachenwald - Hay bales? We don't need no Stinking Hay Bales!
  8. Drachenwald - Where the beer is strong, the armor authentic and the Castles REAL!!!!
  9. Drachenwald - The Real Scadian Playground.
  10. Drachenwald - We got more real castles than you have Shires
  11. Drachenwald - We got the space and the stuff.
  12. Drachenwald - The period place!
  13. Drachenwald - You hit harder, we party harder , you choose.
  14. Drachenwald - Where your persona comes from
  15. Drachenwald - Land of Great Castles and Real Beer
  16. Drachenwald - We were here first.
  17. Drachenwald - We got lots of really cool old
  18. Drachenwald - We bring the history you bring the duct-tape
  19. Drachenwald - Geographically the biggest, historically the oldest, and we have the longest, most pretentious motto.
  20. "We're the people you're pretending to be."
  21. Drachenwald - Where the REAL stuff is!
  22. Drachenwald - Half the duct tape for three times the price.
  23. Drachenwald - Disneyland for real.
  24. Drachenwald - More languages, less politics.
  25. Drachenwald - Where it all started the first time round
  26. Drachenwald - My kingdom's older than yours.
  27. My house is older than your kingdom.
  28. Drachenwald - Been there, Done that, Doing it next Friday
  29. Drachenwald - Come to where the history is.
  30. Drachenwald - Got Castles?
  31. Drachenwald - Where we have royals in mundane life too.
  32. Drachenwald - Where Period does not mean Prehistoric