Kingdom of Gleann Abhann A & S Faire

The Shire of IronOx proudly hosts The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann Arts and Sciences Faire. January 20-22, 2006 at the Jimmy Davis State Park outside of Monroe, LA.

It is an amazing new site with cabin space for 120, each room with only 4 beds. Camping is allowed elsewhere in the park. Feast is limited to 100. Site is discreetly wet, no original containers.

Due to time factors no early bird discounts given.
Weekend - $19 (adult) $9 (under 12)
Daytrip - $13 (adult) $7 (under 12)
offboard deduct $5.00 non members add $3.00
6 and under free without bed
Make check payable to SCA Inc. - Shire of IronOx.

Autocrat/Reservations: Lady Anna Genevieve of Ancyra

Feastacrat: Lady Ariadne de Ravenna