Barony of Oldenfeld Yule

It that time again. Yule is right around the corner and we all know what that means: Novice Arts Sci, lots of fighting (Heavy, Light and Gift Exchange!) Classes, poetry contest, drawing contest and much, much more when the Barony of Oldenfeld presents The Barony's First Yule!

YMCA Camp Indian Springs
2387 Bloxham Cut-off Road
Crawfordville, Fl 32327

Don Seamus mac Dhughaill
THL Simon Maurus of the Argent Quill

Miklos Vizjec

Rapier Tournament, Newcomer's Welcome Class, Classes in the Arts & Sciences, Children's Activities & Classes, Friday Evening Torchlight Tourney, Annual Novice Arts & Sciences Faire, The Court of Their Excellencies Oldenfeld, Oldenfeld Poetry and Drawing Competitions, Fabulous Feasting in the Oldenfeld Tradition , The Dreaded Dogball Heavy Arms Tourney, The Legendary Fast & Furious Gift Exchange, A Theatrical Performance by the Oldenfeld Players, Awesome Shopping Bargains at the Exotic Merchant's Bazaar, Holiday Puppet Show by The We're-Not-Cord-&-Carlos Puppeteers, Music & Dancing by the Oldenfeld Ensemble & the Company of St Vitus, And much, much more!

Day Trip/One Night $13.00
2 Nights $23.00

Day Trip/One Night $ 10.00
2 Nights $20.00

Children age 12 and under free, no family will be charged more than 3 adult fares.

Feast $ 7.00 (This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

Minors not accompanied by parent or guardian, must arrive on site with an already notarized permission form/event waiver.

There are limited cabins onsite, available on a first come, first served basis.

Please NO pets. However, help animals are very welcome.