Estrella Weather Report: Tut Tut, Looks Like Rain!

Weather reports for the area around the site of the Estrella War predict heavy rain. A special weather advisory from the Phoenix Weather Service reports that the area around south-central Arizona, site of the Estrella War, should expect as much as an inch of rain. A chance of showers will persist through Saturday. Those planning to attend the War should be wary of slick roads and flooding.

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I'll say it rained. It bloddy well flooded on Thursday night.

Looking for a detailed report

Several staffers monitor the email lists around the Known World, and we know there was quite a bit of flooding, and some very great acts of nobility and charity as people helped one another cope.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a staff reporter in attendance to offer a firsthand, detailed report. If anyone would like to write something up, we'd be glad to publish it and give you full credit as author. Please DO NOT post the report here in the Talkbacks for this story -- we'd rather give you more credit by running it as a separate news item. Instead, create a personal account (if you haven't already), login as that account and password, and use the "Contribute News" menu item from the home page.

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