"Treachery on the Takaido" has an A&S display to remember

Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg shares her tale of the fabulous Arts and Sciences activities at Atlantia's "Treachery on the Takaido" event.

Lady Martelle writes:

Greetings to all!

Now that I have had two full nights of sleep, I am now coherent enough to regale you with the wonders of the Arts and Sciences of this past Saturday at Treachery on the Takaido in the Barony of Bright Hills.

I would like to thank Mistress Ingvild Josefsdattir for her help all day at the A&S check in table. She was invaluable in helping to procure judges at the last minute. She is also a hoot to spend the day with.

A big thanks goes to our Autocrat Michel von Schonsee who gave me ample A&S space in the hall. There were so many talented folks who brought items that we needed every square inch!

My very big thanks and high fives go out to all of my judges for the A&S and Brewing competitions. You all shared your time and knowledge to help us decide the best entries out of a tough line up of items. Thank yous go out to Lady Janina Krakowska, Mistress Rowena of Avalon, Mistress Margherita, Lord Denis de Dijon, Mistress Ingvild, Master Tristan Alexander, Maestra Karen Larsdottir, Baroness Belphoebe de Givet, and Master Ruaidhri an Cu. Please forgive me if I have not acknowledged you but my memory is weak but my warmest regards is not. Please contact me with so that I may include you in my proper reporting of the events of the day.

What can I say? If you did not get to stop by the HUGE A&S area you really missed an impressive display. There was armor, needlework, a seriously cool WIP Mayan scroll, a very interesting and extensive display explaining a Japanese batik dye technique, tablet weaving, chain mail, woodworking, Horse barding, Russian costuming, Kumihimo, temari, bamboo flutes, hand made games and toys, a bouquet of items made using silk, Japanese garb, the list goes on and on! I have pictures posted here:


Go the "TNT 10/29/05" album at the bottom.

Check in often I will be adding more photos. If you have any A&S photos I'd love to add them to the album for all to see. Please send them to my email address listed above.

Through all this we offered 11 competitions and had entries in 8 of them.

  1. Toys and games of the Silk Road- Item made by an adult. 2 winners Abe no Takatori/ a shell matching game. and Meadhbh inghean Thaidgh ui Dohmniall/a wool Temari Ball
  2. East meets West Gorgeous Garb-Japapnese- Hrosvitha von Cette/ 12th century Kimono European- Christina Tarina Chaykinaia/Full set of women's Rus costume.
  3. Any item made from silk- 2 prizes were given due to a tie! Meadhbh inghean Thaidgh ui Dohmniall/a silk Temari Ball and Brienna Llewellyn Lindsey for silk tablet weaving.
  4. Origami- Traditional materials- Samara Caitlyn of Elfwynne for her framed scroll with the scroll work folded into a crane. Non-traditional materials- Barbara of Bonei for her "Bats in the Night Sky" made from Nori.
  5. Baronial Brewing - Lady Reyne Telarius, cordial, mead, and pear sekunjabin
  6. Open Brewing- Karl Haraldsson, apple cordial #1

AND if that was not enough: TNT is the annual event where Bright Hills chooses the Baronial Champions for the year- Our arts and sciences categories and winners are-

  • Baronial Artisan- Luke of Bright Hills for his armoring
  • Baronial Brewer- Reyne Telarius
  • Baronial Bard- Nina of Bright Hills

I feel very honored to oversee the A&S of our Barony. The projects that I see make our activities in the SCA beautiful, fun and show that people go to great lengths to learn about what they love.

If I were you, I would go and hug an artisan or a scholar today!

Yours in service to the Arts and Sciences of Atlantia and the Barony of Bright Hills!

Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg
MOAS, Barony of Bright Hills