Known World Hunt Guild Promotes Animal Activities in the SCA

Pavla de la Satu Mare of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc reports that the Known World Hunt Guild promotes animal activities within the SCA, including those involving horses, dogs and hawks.

Pavla writes:

Within Aethelmearc, Animal classes at events are offered in greater numbers and more diversity. Our Equestrians are making a wonderful reappearance with Jousting as a new activity. We just had a new Falconry Laurel this past season. Coursing is just starting to become a readily occurring activity. Our Kingdom Pack has inducted new members, a few are non-sight hounds. Our current season is ending with a Horses Hawks and Hounds event. Many changes, many things going on.

Animal Activities are surging to new heights! In seeing the growth of these activities and being they are near and dear to my own heart; I would like to Introduce (reintroduce to some) the The Known-World Hunt Guild

"The ultimate goal is to help focus people on a big part of Everyday Life in our Period: animals and hunting . Research on Period Hunting Techniques for Persona Development and personal knowledge is highly encouraged. We also urge the acquisition of those skills that would be used by those individuals, from spear handling to trap and net making. We include all manner of huntsmen; Archers, Equestrians, Thrown Weaponry, Hounds-men, Falconers, Fishermen etc. Individual Kingdoms are invited to form their own Chapters of the Hunt Guild."

So we are introducing/ reintroducing our attempt to bring this concept to Aethelmearc. Right now creating a presence and getting the word out that this type of group exists is our main goal. We have a sun shade, tables, comfortable seating, library, banners and always food to share,,,, all within our traveling Hunt Lodge. We hope to make this a social place, a meeting place, and a place to learn. So if you see us, please come over and say hello!

Our more immediate goals;

  1. Provide a social, meeting, class space at events.
  2. Provide education at events ( classes, practice, traveling library)
  3. Create camaraderie and develop ties with related activities ( Archers, Thrown Weapons, Coursers, Earthers, Fishers, Equestrians, Falconers,,, etc.)
  4. Develop an understanding of the needs and desires this Kingdom has for a Hunt Guild.

Our Kingdom does not have any formal Persona activities that we are aware of, so this may be a little daunting. While we sincerely desire to stress persona, historical accuracy and research, above all, participation and enjoyment are the factors that will determine if this Activity/Guild will thrive.

We hope to build participation, gather input from participants and then determine what formal offering as to official status needs to be made. We believe a guild that had been prematurely made will languish, we truly want this to be successful.

If anyone is interested in this type of activity or teaching a related skill to the members of the Hunt, Please see the link to the AE_Hunt email list below. Feel free to forward this to anyone/ any group who may be interested in this type of activity.


Pavla de la Satu Mare
Hunt Guild Kingdom Contact - Aethelmearc

Aethelmearc Hunt Elist


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