Be on the Lookout for Stolen Armor

Lord Alexander Kegan MacAngus of the Shire of Smyth Kepe in Gleann Abhann reports that his armor was stolen the weekend of October 22-23, 2005 from the area of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Lord Alexander writes:

Sometime over the weekend my armor bag was stolen from my daughter's garage along with my Coleman stove, fishing equipment, and other miscellaneous things. I reported it to the police as a bag of assorted sporting equipment (which it basically was). Trying to describe what the kidney belt was for, I told them it's similar to a weight lifting belt. Well, all that aside, if anyone shows up to the park with a red and black nylon bag about 14" long, be on the lookout for the following:
  • A handmade 8" wide leather kidney-belt backed w/artificial sheepskin. On the back is a rune. I don't remember which one but it is tooled into the leather. This belt is one of the important pieces to me personally because it is going on 22 years old and still usable, and I cut out the leather myself and did all the work but the sewing of the fleece.
  • There is also a full pair of black leather arms vambraces & elbow cops also of leather. These were given to me by a close Ansteorran friend and they need some finishing work done which I did.
  • A black leather gorget one buckle w/an extra piece of white leather added recently as a lobstertail.
  • One (1) left-handed black leather 1/2 gauntlet made by Stonekeep Armory of Ansteorra bought on line last year.
  • One pair of Mens XXL Hockey shoulder pads (don't recall the brand) but they are Green and black.
  • One pair Cooper Ice Hockey gloves (the good kind w/the plastic inserts in the wrist and fingers; these I have also had for 10 plus years.
  • One pair of old orange leather gloves also sentimental given to me by a late shield brother of mine. (I authorized in those gloves in 82).
  • There was also 2 rolls of duct-tape, some assorted knee pads, and other items I can't recall.

I realize the chances of getting any of this are, of course, slim, but I wanted to get the word out. My Sundays this month and last have been hectic but I was going to go to the park yesterday. When I went to pick up my bag, we noticed the garage had been plundered. So if anyone new shows up with any of these items, especially the kidney belt or leather gloves, and I'm not there, discretely ask where they got such items and let me know. Sorry for the long post.

In service,

Lord Alexander Kegan MacAngus
Shire of Smyth Kepe, Gleann Abhann