Memories of Johan von Traubenburg

Lord Zachariah von Marksburgh shares memories of Master Johan von Traubenburg who died October 25, 2005.

Lord Zachariah writes:

My memories of Johan:

I have been in a sad daze today, since hearing the news of the death of an old friend.

I remember back 20 years or so ago, when there were few merchants and no food vendors at Pennsic War. An older lady in our camp told us how she was working at the new Sayted Tyger Inn over on Horde Hill, and to be sure to come by on Wednesday evening for some fresh home-cooked beef stew. And we all did. And it was SO GOOD. I can remember that stew to this day. Sayted Tyger Inn was a memory by Pennsic 15 or so, but whenever I would talk with Johan I’d sometimes reminice with him on the good food and good memories, and a smile would cross his face. They have a scroll on their wall at their house which prominently features the Sayted Tyger. Have you seen this scroll? If you’re ever visiting at their household, be sure to ask to see this scroll!

For many years, Barony March of the Debatable Lands had two local gatherings. One, a mid-winter revel at Johan and Ariana’s place, where we’d all sit and play games. Johan liked Magic the Gathering and he also was one of the few other people in Pittsburgh who played Star Fleet Battles.

Johan and Ariana always made you feel welcome, and you never felt hungry there. They fed you well!

Those are some of my memories of my friend Johan, whom I shall miss seeing across a game table or at Pennsic.

Ld Zachariah von Marksburgh

I believe Zachariah is referring

I believe Zachariah is referring to our traditional New Year's Day party. Every year for over 10 years, Johan cooked breakfast for the 60-80 people who stopped by over the course of the day and there was good company as well as gaming. That tradition will go on, probably with help from some good friends here in the Debatable Lands. Anyone who is in Pittsburgh on New Year's Day is welcome to head to my house around noon as usual! Oh, and I am starting to put together a website with the eulogies from Johan's funeral, as well as photos. It will include a scan of the artwork from the scroll, showing the Sated Tyger Inn. I'll post here to let people know when it's up. Arianna of Wynthrope, aka Karen Kasper (Johan's wife)