Late Season War

The Baronies of Westermark and Darkwood proudly present "A Late Season War" to settle a dispute about the repute of which Barony has the best tushies, til the point is moot.  Our respective Baroness' Chiara and Liesl disagree on this matter. Among other things. Therefore, all are called to help clarify matters most obscured. (Please, all jokes PG-13 or better, there will be children present.)

To this end, both Baron Erick and Baron Martin have put out a call for their own warriors, mercenaries, and other interested parties to assemble on Saturday, October 29, in Half Moon Bay.

Site opens at 9 am, closes at 5 pm.  In between, we'll fit in as much war fighting and other entertainments as possible. Arts scenarios include: best tight pants (male and female divisions), best butt of wine, best butt of joke, best excuse (but, I caaaaan't!), best archery butt (archery target shooting). (Note: judgeships in some of these competitions are yet to be filled. Autocrats can be bribed!!! )

Site fee: $6, under 12 $3, 5 and under free. Note that there is NO potable water source at the site, please bring your own, and a bit to share - each adult that brings an extra gallon jug of water will get $1 off their site fee!

For more information, questions, bribe offers, contact

Na'arah bat Avraham